About us

The owners of the business include Liam Crowley, Kevin Fisk, and Jacky Keoduangsy. Liam is the head of communications and co-designer. Jacky is director of production and the head designer. Kevin is the researcher and cultural designer. Ethos Collective is a unique clothing line in the way that we show our respect to the all different groups of the world, and actually stressing the point of how strong we can be as one and gain extreme equality compared to the past. We want  to create an awareness for the diversity, whether it is culture, race, gender, or religion to introduce equality into the world. Our mission is to represent the unity of people from all over the vast world. It is our job to show that with strength in numbers, no matter the background, amazing things can be accomplished. We will strive to allow and let others represent themselves for whom they are or want to be.  At Ethos Collective, it is a necessity to showcase uniqueness in our apparel to make us stand out from all possible competition.